Waterproof Splash Drone Fisherman Version

Waterproof Splash Drone Fisherman Version
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Splash drone fisherman comes with a SAR fishing line release mechanism with a waterproof camera, video transmitter and FPV monitor. It is the most serious waterproof drone for long fishing line delivery and bait dropping.

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Splash drone fisherman is the first and best waterproof drone customized for fishing. The SAR fishing line release machanism is perfect for delivery of fishing bait at a long range. It is a great helper which increase the effeciency and simplicity of recreational fishing.


1. Waterproof and anti-corrosion, able to float on the surface, 100% safe on the water.
2. High wind and water-pressure resistance, available in all weathers and all environments.
3. 1kg payload capacity, capable of carrying more than 10 sinkers and baits at one line, the release mechanism of Splash drone fisherman conducts safe and precise release of fishing baits in desired locations.
4. The release mechanism is incoporated with a FPV waterproof camera, which can help you find fish in deep water and see where you are supposed to drop the bait.
5. Able to haul long fishing line up to 1km, 20m/s flight speed enables fast delivery, long flight time of 20minutes.
6. Live video feed over 1km on FPV monitor.
7. Auto return home with one switch after Splash drone finished dropped the baits, prevent losing your drone out of visual line sight.
8. Easy to control, added with GPS stabilization, no pilot experienced required.



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