SwellPro sponsored fishing competition The King of Arniston 2020

Arniston, 07 March 2020. The official reseller of SwellPro in South Africa, SkyCorp Distributions, sponsors The King of Arniston (KOA), one of the largest fishing events in South Africa. The champion of the competition wins a brand new SwellPro SplashDrone3+ for fishing.

The King of Arniston is held annually by Millenium Angling Club (Facebook@Millenium Angling Club) in the spring of Arniston. The 5th competition begins this year on March 7. It gathers about hundred of anglers for chasing the honor of “King of Arniston”. The whole fishing event lasts 18 hours from 12am to 6pm on Saturday, local time. The participant who catches the heaviest fish would be the winner and crowned as King of Arniston.

All the participants have braved lonely hours and strong wind on the sea, and finally came back with fruitful results - all kinds of valuable fishes, no matter small or big. The live scene is spectacular, and the winner Dian with his father Buks Conradie, catches a Dusky Cob weighing 25.99kg! Amazing. All the anglers did their best and got through all the difficulties. That is what exactly SwellPro appreciates.

Sincere congratulations to Dian and his father Buks Conradie and hope the SwellPro SplashDrone3+ brings them more luck in the future, a full body waterproof drone with maximal 1.5kg payload capacity. Also, SwellPro welcomes all kinds of those activities and cooperation around the world. As the pioneer of waterproof drones, SwellPro provides two kinds of solutions for both watersports amateurs and professionals. Professional & multipurpose SplashDrone3+ is suitable for both filming, fishing, boating, and rescue. Spry+ is designed to be compact and portable and is the best filming tool for high-speed watersports. Where there’s water, there’s SwellPro!

For more information about the King of Arniston competition please visit Facebook @Millenium Angling Club. For cooperation inquiry please contact at info@swelllpro.com.

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