SwellPro×CES 2019: Spry - Waterproof Sports Drone-SwellPro

SwellPro×CES 2019: Spry - Waterproof Sports Drone

The Easy And Fun Waterproof Drone For Everyone

January 9, 2019 – SwellPro, the world’s leader in waterproof drones, introduced its newest waterproof drone - the Spry sports drone at CES 2019. The Spry is a portable drone with waterproof features designed for consumers who want a fun, reliable tool to fly in the harsh marine environment.

Thanks to SwellPro’s progressive technology, the Spry and its remote controller are fully waterproof and float. With specially coated motors and corrosion resistant materials throughout, the Spry is able to fly in the rain, sea spray as well as land and take-off from water.

Even if you’ve never flown a drone before, flying Spry is easy.  Spry has been designed to be the perfect lifestyle accessory you can take anywhere in its sleek custom carry case which weighs just 27 ounces (780 grams).

“Innovation is at the heart of every SwellPro product”  said Eric Hu, Chief Executive Officer. “It’s not just drone enthusiasts who will enjoy the flying freedom of the Spry. Whether you are a new or experienced pilot, the Spry will provide you with a great all-weather flying experience.”

Real 4K Camera

Being small doesn't mean you have to compromise image quality. The Spry’s onboard camera features a Sony CMOS sensor paired with a lens that minimizes fisheye distortion for natural-looking images.  With the Spry, capture dynamic, racing-drone style action in 4k video at 30 frames per second or take crisp 12MP photos.

The Spry combines a vertical axis mechanical gimbal with optional electronic stabilization (EIS) to provide a point of view on the water impossible to get with any other drone.

The Spry’s 4K camera is completely enclosed in an optically-engineered, toughened glass dome that provides high transparency without distortion. A specially designed shade and glass coating help to filter out excessive glare and balance the harsh highlights often found on the water and snow.

High Agility

The Spry is designed from the ground up to achieve a new compact shape, which is streamlined for reduced drag and turbulence as well as being tough.

High-thrust motors and high-power ESCs push the speed limit of the Spry to over 65 KM/H in manual ACRO mode, easily take off from water, perform 3D flips and even dive briefly underwater.

The Spry is a dynamic drone for filming Boating, Surfing, Wake-boarding, Jet-skiing, Kayaking and Water skiing from a whole new perspective.

Full APP Control for Autonomous Flight

More smart flight features are available by pairing your mobile device to the remote controller with the Spry  APP control:One Key Launch,Mission Planning,Tap-to-Fly,Follow Me,Auto-Return.


Price and Availability

The retail price of a Spry, including the aircraft, remote controller, one battery and balance charger, 8 propellers, wrenches and carry case, is $898 USD(excluding tax).

Spry is available for orders at store.swellpro.com and authorized dealers around the world.


Extra accessory availability may vary by sales channels.

For more info about Spry, please visit Spry@SwellPro

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