SwellPro 7th Anniversary Thanksgiving - 300 USD Cash Coupon & Great Prizes

Shenzhen, April 8, 2020 - SwellPro, the pioneer of waterproof drones, announces its 7th anniversary today with limited cash coupons and thanksgiving prizes. The celebration welcomes all participants and lasts to April 22.

Started up in 2013, SwellPro has created the world’s first waterproof drone in 2014. With great success, the company has decided to develop the finest waterproof drone solutions for both amateurs and professionals.

Until today, SwellPro has provided hundreds of thousands of waterproof drones to more than 10.000 watersports enthusiasts, seafarer and commonweal organizations worldwide and helped them with filming, fishing, boating and search and rescue.

“We are grateful for the achievement today and know the fact that we can’t make it without the support of our customers. So we decide to give our supporters something back during this special period .” remarks the founder of the SwellPro Eric, “Moving forward, we will continue improving our products and service. ”

300 Cash Coupon & Giveaway

To the celebration, SwellPro offers limited cash coupons for first 30 buyers and 3 free Spry+ waterproof drone for lucky participants. First come, first served.

Customer community - Seapixel

For more communication and idea sharing with customers, SwellPro plans to launch its community program Seapixel, where SwellPro users can share their shootings and stories.

The promotion starts with immediate effect. Watersports or travel enthusiasts can pick up useful assistant for next trip around the waters directly at: https://store.swellpro.com/pages/7th-anniversary

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