SwellPro Releases PL4 – Night Camera, spotlights and remote payload release module

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June 2, 2019 – Drones with cameras have revolutionized aerial photography. Getting that perfect bird’s eye perspective in a photo or video is a lot safer when it doesn’t involve risking life and limb or the expense of an airplane or helicopter. With drones, our view of the world has changed.

While drones are surging in popularity among recreational users like drone fishing enthusiasts, others are finding ways to use their capabilities to achieve practical goals and solve real-world problems. Whether it’s for inspections or search and rescue, a drone can offer a safer and more cost-effective solution than traditional methods.

However, it’s a whole different story after dark. Most drones have great difficulty performing in the dark. With darkness, a drone’s camera cannot provide a pilot with an aerial view, which makes flying very challenging.

SwellPro, the creator of the world’s first waterproof drone, today announced the PL4 – an IP67 waterproof, low light camera module with integrated spotlights and remote payload release mechanism.

The PL4 is an accessory module for SwellPro’s SplashDrone 3+ waterproof drone platform – enabling the drone to perform nighttime missions like inspections, on-water search, and rescue as well as night fishing missions.


PL4 Key features:

-Like the SplashDrone 3+, the PL4 is IP67 waterproof for flying over water, in rain and snow.

-Excellent low-light sensitivity and built-in spotlights capture detailed color images and videos even in darkness.

-Life-saving: Safely and quickly deliver life-saving equipment in rescue situations with clear color imaging even at night.

-Night fishing: with the low light camera, you can scout the surrounding area for fish and drop baits accurately even in the dark! The spotlights also help attract fish to the surface of the water.

-Inspections: Perform traffic, security and equipment inspections in low-light scenarios, ensuring safety day and night.


With the SwellPro PL4, there's no need to pause your work because of the dark.

For more features and capabilities of the PL4, please visit https://store.swellpro.com/products/low-light-payload-release

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