Swellpro SAR – Cost Effective, waterproof drone Search & Rescue equipment.

Swellpro SAR – Cost Effective, waterproof drone Search & Rescue equipment.

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June 27, 2019

Increasingly, drones are being considered for search & rescue (SAR) missions. Their speed, eye-in-the-sky perspective and cost-effectiveness provide many benefits over traditional methods. However, many drones are too fragile for the rigors of harsh environments and cannot be used in bad weather or marine environments. 

SwellPro SplashDrone 3+ is the world’s first and most robust waterproof flying platform built to perform search missions in rain, snow, floods and over the ocean. 

Taking advantage of its waterproof drone experience, SwellPro Technology – the pioneers of waterproof drones - today announced two new waterproof payload accessories specifically designed for search & rescue operations.


Search & Recuse Payload Modules

Two specialized remote payload release modules have been announced:


  • SAR1 – Incorporates a remotely controlled waterproof 2.7K color camera, tilt gimbal and auto-inflating rescue sausage for life-saving and rescue operations.
  • SAR2 – Created for low-light conditions, a tilt controlled FHD lowlight color camera and twin spotlights allow for faster location and deployment of the auto-inflating rescue sausage – even at night.

Both Search & Rescue kits return a real-time video feed as well as on-board recording and can deliver payloads such as hauling lines, supplies and rescue equipment up to 1.2kg.


Benefits of Search & Rescue with SplashDrone 3+:

  • --Easily access hard-to-reach areas
  • --Execute missions in all weather, even at night
  • --Reduce risks to rescue team members
  • --Faster than on-foot and ground-level searches
  • --Dramatically reduces the cost of missions compared to manned aircraft searches.
  • --Drop life-saving equipment to help victims out of immediate danger and buy more time for rescue teams to arrive

For all-weather and on-water search & rescue, the SwellPro SAR series represents an excellent choice.


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