Gannet vs SwellPro


Why choose SwellPro over Gannet for drone fishing?

  • Longer in fishing world:  SwellPro has been making purpose-built waterproof fishing drone since 2015. Gannet's fishing drone were just released in 2021 with many glitches to correct.
  • Better flight performance:  SwellPro's flight controller was designed by our in-house team for superior flight stability in harsh marine environment. Gannet relies on open-source uncustomizable flight controllers.
  • Nicer image quality: SplashDrone 4 can capture crisp photo and ultra-smooth video with 4K 3-axis gimbal camera. Gannet Pro and Pro plus is solely for bait dropping. 
  • Better customer service: SwellPro has established a worldwide network of local dealers and repair centers. Gannet's area of service is limited within South Africa.

Compare all fishing drone models

SwellPro SplashDrone 4SwellPro FishermanGannet Pro
Waterproof levelIP67IP67Water resistant (only rain drop proof)
Wind resistance60 km/h60 km/h45 km/h
Anti-corrosion coatingYesYesNo
Max payload2 kg2 kg2.5 kg
Flight time30 mins30 mins29 mins
The number of drops on a single charge3-5 drops over 400m3-5 drops over 400mUnknown
Flight controllerSwellPro’s proprietary FCSwellPro’s proprietary FCDJI NAZA (discontinued by DJI)
Flight distance 5 km 1.3 km 1.5 km
Camera4K, 3-axis gimbalFPV with WDR to avoid sun glare1080P, 2-axis gimbal with plastic dome
BatterySmart batteryRC model batteryRC model battery
Night fishingYes with GC2-S night vision cameraNo
Video transmission range5 km 1.3 km1 km
Waterproof remote controllerYesSplashproof
In-APP saved drop positionComing soonNoNo
Automatically drop baits at saved positionComing soonNoNo

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