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The only non-DJI Drones

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Looking for distributor and dealers

The Only Non-DJI Drones

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SwellPro is a well-known brand for the world’s only waterproof rugged drones loaded with many unique features for special purposes in unusual environments. Unlike other DJI-replica competitors, SwellPro created an ever-growing blue ocean market. Due to the rapid increase in demand for our products worldwide, we are looking for new distributors and dealers to resell our products in their territories.




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World’s only waterproof & all-weather drones

SplashDrone 4

Waterproof flight platform for multiple purposes

✓ IP67 aircraft
✓ IP67 remote controller
✓ Up to 4K/30FPS
✓ 2 kg payload capacity
✓ 30 min flight time
✓ Up to 5 km transmission
✓ 72 km/h wind resistance

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Fisherman FD1

Waterproof fishing drone for
every angler

✓ IP67 aircraft
✓ 2 kg payload capacity
✓ 30 min flight time
✓ Up to 1.6km transmission
✓ 72 km/h wind resistance

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Waterproof action drone for
sports fans

✓ IP67 aircraft
✓ IP67 remote controller
✓ Up to 4K/30FPS
✓ 17 min flight time
✓ Up to 800m transmission
✓ 65 km/h max speed

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Benefits of SwellPro resellers

  • A large market with over 200 million potential users. 
  • Highly reputable brand and well-established reliable products.
  • 2-3 new trendsetting innovative products each year.
  • Up to 35% profit margin and high customer lifetime value.
  • Low initial startup cost and low initial inventory requirement.
  • Very few competitors and no head-to-head competition with DJI.

How SwellPro helps you grow your business?

  • Comprehensive product information training with easy access to necessary marketing materials, documents and tools.
  • Exceptional after-sales technical support and training.
  • Streamlined overseas logistics management for on-time delivery.
  • Aggressive marketing for massive brand awareness and localized marketing support to help dealers push their sales.

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