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Due to the rapid increase in demand for our products, SwellPro is looking for distributors and dealers worldwide who can share our value for a better outdoor life and provides better solutions for enterprise.

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SwellPro makes the only waterproof and rugged drones for flying and filming on the water and in unusual weathers. We are the creator and dominator of drone fishing market. In addition to consumer uses, SwellPro's products have made a major difference in various maritime missions. 

We are not limited to one market or one product category. We keep expanding to more industries by creating all kinds of unmanned vehicles with unique features and incredible capabilities. 




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What makes SwellPro a good brand for you?

  • Our products target several blue-ocean markets with large potentials and low competition.
  • SwellPro's brand and products have massive awareness and good reputation on a global scale.
  • We spent large proportion of our revenue on research & development, both on facility and personnel aspects, to constantly make improvements on existing products and create new innovative products.
  • High profit margin and high customer lifetime value.
  • Low initial startup investment and low initial inventory requirement.

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