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SwellPro has been making the only waterproof drones dedicated for fishing since 2015. Integrated with an interference-free payload release mechanism, SwellPro’s SplashDrone series and the new FD1 can easily and safely fly the line far out, then drop baits to fish-rich areas that are out of normal casting range in just a few minutes. The end benefit is drastically increasing the chance of catching more fish or bigger fish without you having to drive a boat out.

Tried and trusted by more than 
10,000 anglers all over the world.

SplashDrone 4

The most powerful & mutifunctional  fishing drone

  • 2KG bait lift capacity
  • IP67 waterproof body
  • IP67 waterproof remote control
  • 30 min flight time
  • 72km/h wind resistance
  • Up to 4K high quality smooth video
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PL1-S bait release mechanism

PL1-S is a payload release module that is built for the SplashDrone 4. Just rig your fishing line into the PL1-S, then you can remotely and precisely release the line when target acquired.

Find Fish in 4K

The following camera modules can be mounted on the SplashDrone 4 alongside the payload release. Easily scout fish from the air as well as record high resolution footage of your bait dropping process. Always make sure the baits land on targeted spots.


Waterproof 3-axis gimbal 4K camera


Waterproof 1-axis gimbal 4K camera


Waterproof Fixed-angle 4K camera



For low-light bait dropping, GC2-S features a high-sensitivity sensor and a LED spotlight to restore color 1080P image in pitch black. The camera is stabilized by a 2-axis gimbal. 

Swellpro SDfly APP

Fishing Spots Saving

In the companion fly APP, anglers can make SplashDrone 4 fly to their favourite fishing GPS locations you’ve saved on the map - fish where the fish are.

SwellPro Fisherman

Heavy on fishing, light on photography

  • 2KG bait lift capacity
  • IP67 waterproof
  • 30 min flight time
  • 72km/h wind resistance
  • Fixed-angle camera (optional)
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For short-range & small bait dropping

  • 200g bait lift capacity
  • IP67 waterproof
  • 17 min flight time
  • 36km/h wind resistance
  • 4K camera
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Trollsafe Bait Release

Adjustable tension system that can automatically release the fishing line from 500g to 8000g of tension. It is only designed for Spry+ drone.

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