1. Shipping


Your order will be processed within 1-3 working days and shipped by FedEx or DHL. During holidays, festive seasons and major sales, delivery will be delayed sometime. We will endeavor to let you know if there is a delay to your order.

Due to air transportation restrictions, it is recommended to purchase no more than two batteries per order. Otherwise, we have to ship your items separately, which would lead to a longer delivery time.

Please kindly note that all the price on the website do not cover the custom cost & VAT fee, only product price and shipping cost.

For more detailed information about the shipping of your order, please contact our Logistics department at onlinestore@swellpro.com.


If the goods shipped out but the buyer applies for a refund, the buyer should pay for the freight and duties


The shipping costs in the following relevant areas will be different, the buyer should pay for the extra freight based on the actual situation.

HI (Hawaii, USA), PR(Puerto Rico)


The goods shipped out, but it returned due to some reason which out of control by the buyer, if the goods need to be resend, the buyer have to pay for the additional freight and duties.


2. Payment

    You can pay for your order by PayPal or credit card. Credit card payments are processed by PayPal. To pay by credit card, you will be redirected to PayPal where you can use your card or pay with your PayPal account.  



    3. After-Sales

          For after-sales support, contact our support team for further help at support@swellpro.com.


           4. Warranty

              Review the SwellPro warranty policy here.


              5.  3D Secure

              What is 3D Secure:

              3D Secure is a FREE service facilitated by VISA and MasterCard that lets you transact online securely using your Debit or Credit Card. This service is available only on 3D Secure merchant sites. It is an extra level of security in place to protect your data.

              What are the benefits of 3D Secure?

              VBV/MSC provides added assurance by verifying you while using your Standard Chartered Visa/MasterCard Card to make payments online. You can be assured that any online merchant giving VBV/MSC service is a legitimate commercial entity. A private code means added protection against unauthorised use of your Card when you make payments online.

              VBV/MSC protects your existing Visa/MasterCard giving you assurance that you and only you can use your Visa/Master Card for electronic payments. The added protection of VBV/MSC is automatically enabled on your card.