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SwellPro's drone factory is one of the largest OEM/ODM drone & UAV system manufacturers in Shenzhen, China. In addition to the manufacture of our own branded drones, SwellPro has helped many companies around the world design and manufacture non-standard drones and accessories according to customers' requests. Whether it is for consumer, commercial or industrial use, we provide one-stop solution to turn your genius idea into massive reality. 

A glance at SwellPro's drone factory

We have 3000+ square meters of product area, 6 assembly lines, and more than 200 well-skilled workers in our factory.


Our advantages


In-house flight controller development

Designed by our in-house team, SwellPro’s flight controller can be customized to adapt to various kinds of flight tasks in various flight conditions.


Complete supply chain integration

With over 10 years experiences in the drone and camera industry, SwellPro has built a strong network of high-quality supply chain.


State-of-the-art industrial design

Our product designer excels at finding the balance between aesthetics and functionality. They always design drones with aerodynamics, power-efficiency and durability in mind. 


Multi-layered quality control

100% inspection for all raw material and components. Every single drone will need to go through strict flight performance test and another round of pre-shipping test to eliminate the chance of malfunctioning. 

Commerical drones OEM cases

Oscar Mayer’s hotdog delivery drone

SwellPro helped Oscar Mayer, one of American biggest food companies, make a drone that could deliver hotdog to their customers. The delivery drone used the same technology from SwellPro’s SplashDrone 3 but in a revised body.

ED1 Falcon-training drone

Al Rahal Land and Sea Equipment from Qatar found SwellPro to design and produce a drone for falcon training purpose. The drone is made from carbon fibre frame for durability and come with payload release to drop food in the air.

Gimbal multispectral camera

SwellPro developed a gimbal for Micasense's industry-leading multispectral camera. Our gimbal solution adds more stability to their camera for more accurate agriculture mapping.

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