Waterproof Gopro Gimbal

Waterproof Gopro Gimbal
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Splash drone waterproof 2-axis gimbal is compatible with Gopro 3, 3+ and 4 cameras for stabilized aerial filming over the water. It contains a waterproof dive case and two brusheless motors.



Waterproof Gopro Gimbal Stabilizer

1. Splash drone waterproof gimbal is used to stabilize the camera in 2 dimensions ( pitch and roll), capture steady aerial footage in action.
2. The gimbal is equipped with powerful brusheless motors.
3. The motors wear speical coatings to resist corrosion in salt water.
4. The waterproof housing can mount Gopro hero 3, 3+,4 and other major action camera.
5. It is sleek design, light weight using high precision CNC aluminium alloy.
6. The pitch angle range is 90° and the roll range (horizontal level) can be tilt within +-25°.
7. The gimbal can be mount to Splash drone in a few seconds with screw and a quick-release power plug.
8. 4 rubber dampeners eliminate shakes during fly.
9. The angle control accuracy of gimbal is +-0.03°.
10. It is fully wateproof, which means the gimbal can be dunked in the water.
11. Video cable inside the Gopro case allows for video transmission.



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