Amid the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19), the life becomes hard for each person. As a company, we try our best to prevent our employees from infection and support customers with best safe products.

Employees protection

The health and safety of employees are the most important thing for the running of a company. Therefore, we have a mature system of epidemic prevention. We distribute masks for each employee everyday. Every employee’s temperature should be taken twice a day. After the working time, the whole company would be sterilized with 75% alcohol and disinfectant fluid.

Packages protection

All the workers who are participated in manufacture, packing and delivery, must wear masks and gloves to ensure the products are delivered safely to customer. The factory is ventilated with open windows or ventilators and would also be disinfected everyday.   

Shipping and delivery delay

Although we try our best to accelerate the shipping progress, there are still many limitations amid this special period, and the shipping and delivery may be delayed. We ask for your understanding and will endeavour to ship your packages as soon as possible.

Let’s get through the Covid-19 all together!