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SwellPro is the only company who makes purpose-built waterproof fishing drones with integrated bait release and camera. Since 2015, SwellPro’s fishing drones have helped hundreds of thousands of fishermen all over the world drastically extend their casting range and target deep sea fish based on the shore without using a boat or kayak. 

Best Drones For Fishing

SplashDrone 4

Premium Fishing Drone with 4K Camera

SplashDrone 4 is SwellPro's most feature-rich waterproof drone for surf fishing. It can carry 2 kg (4 lbs) baits with the maximum flight distance of up to 5 km (3 miles). The drone comes with several options of high resolution cameras, sonar fish finder and many intelligent APP-enabled features.

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Fisherman FD1

Budget Fishing Drone with Bait Release

Fisherman FD1 inherits the same technology of the famous SplashDrone 3+. The FD1 fishing drone offers the same bait lifting capacity and flight performance of SplashDrone 4, but at a shorter flight range. Most fishermen choose FD1 because it is more budget-friendly and simplified for bait dropping only.

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Attachment & Accessories

Fishing Cameras

We offer several waterproof cameras for SplashDrone 4 that can shoot high quality video above the water and even underwater. The cameras comes with different features, at different prices for fishermen of all levels.

Drone Fish Finder

SplashDrone 4 can carry a sonar fish finder to find fish in deeper waters and send fish visuals to the APP.

Bait Release Mechanisms

Both the SplashDrone 4 and FD1 come with proprietary electric bait releases that are durable and easy to use.

Advantages of SwellPro Fishing Drones

Access Any Fishing Spot

SwellPro fishing drones can fly and transmit video signal back at a range over 1.6 km (1 mile), allowing you to cast baits in any previously inaccessible fishing spots in any water conditions.


Rather than paddling baits out, which is time-consuming, our fishing drone can fly to any fishing spots that is 500 m (550 yards) away in just 30 seconds without the limits of ocean swell.


Kayak fishing has many uncertain risks. With a fishing drone, you can fish in a safe place on the shore without getting into the water. 

Offshore Fish Scouting

When fitted with a camera, SwellPro fishing drones can shoot high resolution video and stream the video to the APP in real time. The bird view covering large territories is perfect for scouting for fish, scrutinizing topography, and illuminating nuances of fish behavior.

Increased Catch Rate

Large bait capacity and long casting range allows shore-based fisherman to catch more fish or bigger fish that's only available in deep-sea areas.


It is without questioning that a fishing drone cost less than a kayak, or a boat, not mentioning the extra fees and licensing.


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