Import duty for International shipping

The import duties are included in the price of products for customers in the following countries: 

  • USA
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • All European countries

USA customers don't need to pay import duties since their orders are shipped from warehouses in the USA. If the order has to be shipped from China, we will cover the expenses of import duty on our side.

When the orders arrive at the customs in the above countries, the shipping courier will pay the import duty ( which is paid by SwellPro ).

Customers in other countries or regions will have to pay import duties to their local customs on their own.


Sales Tax

We are collecting sales tax for the following countries and regions:

  1. Customers in Canada need to pay HST or GST, depending on the province of the shipping address.
  2. Customers in Australia and New Zealand need to pay GST. 
  3. Customers in United Kingdom and all European countries need to pay VAT.

The amount of tax will be automatically calcualted during checkout based on the value of the order.

For customers in USA, the sales tax is already included in the price of products.


Customs Clearance

Once your order arrive at your local customs, the shipping courier will immediately contact you and request you to fill out an importer identity form for customs clearance. Please follow the instruction from the shipping company and provide the form to them as early as possible. If you don't respond to the shipping company within 7 days, the goods might be returned by the customs to its shipping origin, in which case, the customer will bear all the extra cost of returning order.

Door-to-door service

We can offer door-to-door service that include customs clearance on our side for certain countries and regions. If you need door-to-door delivery, please inquire with our store manager before placing your order.

If you have any questions or issues with custom clearance, you can get help at