Drone Fishing Charter

Enjoy a more fruitful and time-efficient surf fishing experience with SwellPro fishing drones and professional guides, regardless of the expenses and hassles of boat or kayak. Good for both seasoned anglers and thrill-seeking tourists.  

SwellPro Drones Sets A New Bar for Fishing Charters

  • Catch bigger fish and higher catch rate than ususal surf casting methods.
  • Target a wider options of species with a wider options of tackles.
  • 300% faster than kayak or any type of boat.
  • Year-round fishing & flexible dates.
  • No weather condition limits. 100% land-based.
  • Perfect for anglers of all levels.
  • Drones, baits, and all tackles are provided.
  • Guides fly the drone. You keep catching fish.
  • Taking photos or videos for good memory.

Find A Drone Fishing Guide

There are countless guides who are including SwellPro drones in their fishing trips across many beaches in the USA and Australia. We listed a few of them here who had close collaboration with us. You can find a one near you and head to their sites for more information about their services and pricing.



Guide: Chris Stefanou
Available time: All Year
Drone: Fisherman MAX/FD3/FD1, SplashDrone 4
Location: Long Island New York and East Coast Florida.

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aj (2).jpg__PID:50437176-9b99-4254-80f5-5bf4e1adb8ad

Apex Anglers

Guide: AJ Rotondella
Available time: June to September (New Jersey), October to May (Florida).
Drone: Fisherman Max & FD3
Location: Jersey Shore & Treasure Coast of Florida.

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Guide: Adam Lopez
Available time: All year
Drone: Fisherman Max
Location: West Palm beach to the Treasure Coast in Florida.

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Kyle Mac's _ Shark Fishing Charters & Excursions.jpg__PID:7a416a9f-c00f-42f7-ab64-7b23d430dddf

Kyle Mac's : Shark Fishing Charters & Excursions

Guide: Kyle McNamara
Available time: All Year
Drone: Fisherman Max
Location: Cape San Blas; Panhandle; Navarre ; Pensacola; Panama City Beach; Santa Rosa County; Escambia County; Florida

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Panhandle Salt.jpg__PID:b4aa2b2f-ba6b-45b9-bbc4-dd622886e67a

Panhandle Salt

Guide: Blane Roberts
Available time: All year
Drone: Fisherman Max; SD4
Location: Panhandle of Florida; Alabama Gulf Coast

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saltwater-mercs (1).jpg__PID:7e36db9a-7790-45bb-8edb-55dd139407fe

SaltWater Mercs

Guide: Arinton Mercado
Available time: All Year
Drone: Fisherman Max
Location: Orange beach Alabama , Pensacola beach, Navarre beach in Florida.

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Smitty's Surf Fishing

Guide: Mike Smith
Available time: All year
Drone: Fisherman Max
Location: Destin, Florida to Pensacola Beach

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Reel Siesta Key-01.jpg__PID:0646ab9d-b2f6-46d5-b35a-02f402a3a3a4

Reel Siesta Key

Guide: Jacob Steckerl
Available time: All year
Drone: Fisherman Max
Location: Siesta Key, Florida

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Fishing with Jen

Guide: Jen Merchant
Available time: Yearly
Drone: Fisherman Max
Location: North Padre Island, Port Aransas Beach, Texas.

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Lonestar Surf Adventures

Guide: John William Hunter Caldwell
Available time: May to November
Drone: Fisherman FD1 & Max
Location: crystal, Bolivar, Surfside, Sargent, Matagorda, Texas.

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Shark at the Moon Adventures

Guide: Nick Fuller
Available time: April - November
Drone: SD4
Location:  Sabine Pass to Matagorda, Texas.

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ZFG Outfitters

Guide: Johnny Hamm
Available time: All Year
Drone: FD1
Location: Crystal Beach, Texas

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MB Surf Fishing Adventure

Guide: John Shytle
Available time: March to November
Drone: Fisherman Max
Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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Hillbillie's Guide Service.jpg__PID:8206e92d-997c-42ba-a840-0475ce82061d

Hillbillie's Guide Service

Guide: Blake Cochran&Robert Murray
Available time: March - October
Drone: Fisherman Max
Location: Topsail beach, oak island NC

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Kernan LBSF.jpg__PID:bae2d8a3-e4c2-4835-9d76-246701976f3a

Kernan LBSF

Guide: Dan Kernan
Available time: All year
Drone: Fisherman Max; FD1
Location: Charleston, SC

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Shark 2 shore

Guide: Nick Sartori
Available time: November to March
Drone: Fisherman FD1
Location: 90 mile beach, Victoria, Australia

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