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How it works?


Tell us who you are and what you can do.


Share contents or host events to
let more people know about SwellPro.


Enjoy free products, commission and other exclusive perks.


Free Products

Free drones or accessories based on your amount of contribution.  

Affiliate Commission

Earn 5% commission on every purchase through your link or code.

Insider Access

Early access to information and trial on new products.

Free 1-year Warranty

Free repair or replacement for twice in a year.

Cash Payment

Cash payment for hosting special events.

Who we like to partner with?

If you are passionate about using SwellPro products to up your game with various water activities, either water sports or fishing, you can opt to become one of the 2 types of ambassadors. Check if you meet the criteria before you apply for them.

Content Creator

You are a customer of SwellPro and frequently use SwellPro products. You are good at creating content such as photo or videos, and love sharing contents on your social media. Your social media accounts has a decent following. Or, you runs an online community in which there are many people like you.

Event Facilitator

You are a customer of SwellPro and frequently use SwellPro products. You don’t have much presence on the Internet but you are good at connecting with people face-to-face. You know about SwellPro products very well. You can host or join offline events to demonstrate SwellPro products or offer training sessions to other people. 

 Meet Our Ambassadors


Shark fishing team from Texas, USA.

Marco Teamjaws

Ocean fishing and traveling YouTuber from Australia.

Josh Neille 

Saltwater fisherman from Victoria, Australia


Land-based shark fishing coach from Florida, USA


Alex Fender

Electronic engineer and drone expert from The Philippines

Become an Ambassador

Fill out the form below to provide us more information. Our team will review every application and let you know the result. Once our brand manager think that you are qualified as our ambassador, they will provide you with more specifics about the tasks and rewards.

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