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SwellPro SplashDrone 4

Every Sailor's Dream Drone

Whether it’s for filming your yacht or explore hidden beaches, many boating and sailing enthusiasts like to carry a drone with their journey at sea. However, standard drones like DJI are not built to survive the marine environment. And this is where SwellPro waterproof drones find its place in the boating world since 2015. 

Seawater-proof Fly and Control

Don’t risk the safety of your crew and your drone by hand-catching the drone on a boat. You can easily and safely land SplashDrone 4 on the water as it is totally waterproof and coated to resist saltwater corrosion. Even the remote controller is waterproof so it is not afraid of wave splash.

Floating Design

Fly Against The Wind

The high propulsion system and aerodynamic design empowers the SplashDrone 4 to fly without any issues in strong wind at sea. You never need to worry about your drone blowed away by strong wind. 

Wind resistance
Beaufort force
33 knots / 31 mph / 60 km/h

Film Your Boat in a New Perspective

SplashDrone 4 can take high-resolution photos and smooth videos with a 4K camera stabilized by 3-axis gimbal. On top of that, there are several innovative flight features on the drone for cinematic sailing footage in all kinds of boating situations.

Shot on SplashDrone 4

Cruise Mode

In Cruise mode, SplashDrone 4 is going to maintain the direction and speed of your input after you release the remote controller. You can change the direction of the drone with a single joystick. Keep a moving boat in the frame while you concentrate on camera angles and composition. 


Dramatic and abrupt movements of a drone can lead to shaky footage. Engage our innovative Smooth+ controls to switch from joystick to fine knob control of drone movement. Your footage will be instantly smoother as you dial in just the right amount of turn or bank. Easily set up a smooth transition or an orbit pan. Even if you are new to drone controls.

Follow Me

Use the autopilot Follow-me feature to chase a speeding boat automatically at up to 22 mph. SplashDrone 4 will actively keep the boat in the frame at a constant angle from the front, side, and back with the camera always pointing to the position of the pilot. It’s particularly useful for single-handed boats. 

Fly Safe on the Ocean

Dynamic Return to Boat

The SplashDrone 4 constantly records the GPS position of the remote controller, allowing the aircraft to always return to the pilot‘s position even if they are on a moving boat far away from the original take-off point.

Power Flip

When the SplashDrone 4 turns upside down on the water for any reason, PowerFlip feature turns the drone back to the normal state to take the control back.

Surveillance, Exploration and More …

Pirate Surveillance

Piracy is still a threat to ocean cruisers in many parts of the world. SplashDrone 4 gives them a high vantage point in detecting approaching objects in the vicinity of a yacht. If they notice a suspicious boat, they can alter their course ahead of time to avoid assaults by would-be pirates. 

Anchor Spot Searching

SplashDrone 4 has been used by cruisers to scope out remote anchorages more accurately and faster than can be done with charts, dinghy, from the spreaders, or keel strikes. Carrying the Dronar sonar fish finder, SplashDrone 4 could be dipped in the water and detect water depth in what might be a good anchorage. 

SwellPro SplashDrone 4

“Best Gifts for Sailors”

- Yachting World

Nov 8, 2021