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About SwellPro

SwellPro is the only company who makes waterproof & rugged drones for operations in various unusual environments and some special tasks. 

Pioneer of Waterproof Drones

In 2013, we found many people crashed their drones when flying over water or have their drones affected by bad weathers. That’s where the big idea of waterproof drone came from. The benefits? People can get their desired results without the fear of operating a drone in a harsh environment.

Drone Fishing Pathfinder

In 2015, one customer in New Zealand discovered that he could use SwellPro to drop baits over the surf. He inspired us to make a purpose-built fishing drone that comes with an integrated bait release device. Today, drone fishing becomes a worldwide popular fishing method because it allows land-based fishermen to reel in their target fish far from the shore.

More Than Entertainment

SwellPro’s products stand out for their durable design and the capabilities of connecting different sensors and payloads. That opens up new possibilities in many areas: search & rescue, environment & wildlife conservation, security surveillance, drone delivery, etc. We keep pushing the limits of UAV, empowering more people to accomplish challenging jobs with more confidence than before.


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1 Million+

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Shenzhen, China

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