SwellPro FD1 Falconry Drone Bundle

$1,340.00 USD
  • One set of Falconry FD1 drone will come with 1 extra battery, 1 pair of extra propllers and 1pcs FD1 trollsafe.

SwellPro FD1 Falconry Drone Bundle

$1,340.00 USD

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  • SwellPro FD1 - Best Drone for Falconry

    SwellPro FD1 is originally designed to carry fishing lines and baits for sea fishing. The drone has been used by many falconers for falcon training these days. A falconer can fly a lure at a certain altitude for the falcon to chase and catch, thus encouraging the falcon to go higher, building their strength, and conditioning them. 

    Advantages of SwellPro FD1 Drone for Falcon Training

    1. SwellPro FD1 can carry weight up to 2 kg. The drone is able to bring down the falcon to a certain height and only release the parachute when she is close to the ground. 
    2. Unlike other drones, FD1 comes with a PL1-F payload release mechanism that can be controlled via a remote controller. 
    3. A Trollsafe device can be mounted to the drone that can automatically release the lure when it reaches a threshold of tension.
    4. The falconry edition of FD1 drone eliminates the height limit. It can fly up to 500 meters. 
    5. With a high-power motor, the drone can fly stably against the wind up to 7 Beaufort, so it won't drift in strong winds.
    6. FD1 is totally waterproof so it is not afraid of rain.
    Key Specs
    Max flight time: 30 min
    Max flight distance: 1.6 km
    Max payload capacity: 2 kg
    Max flight speed: 22 m/s
    Waterproof rating: IP67
    Satellite positioning system: GPS/GLONASS
    Working Temperature: -10℃ ~ 40℃
    Battery: 4S 15.2V 6500 mAh Lipo
    Radio frequency: 2405 – 2475 MHz

    What's in the box?
    SwellPro FD1 Aircraft x 1
    Remote Controller x 1
    Power Adapter x 1
    6500 mAh Flight Batteries x 2
    Trollsafe x 1
    PL1-F Payload Release x 1
    Propeller Pairs x 3
    Hard Carry Case x 1





Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Found the missing item

The trollsafe & load release has been found . Wasn’t expecting it to be this small of an item . Am not angry anymore .


Swellpro sent wrong Drone

I ordered FD1 Falconry Bundle with all of the equipment that comes with it which cost $1340 USD . What was missing was the trollsafe and the load release . What am I going to do with just a Drone . I purchased the Falconry Bundle to fish not to have fun flying . I can’t see how this problem happened because what I order shows on my order .If they don’t fixed this problem I’m returning it to sender . Everything still intact as it came to me . Just waiting to hear from them as to what they intend to do . To be continued