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Swellpro Splash Drone 

Q1: Does the User Manual come within Splash Drone package, or soft copy for download?
A: The user manual is available at SPLASH DRONE SUPPORT PAGE for download anytime, both the RTF & SAR & AUTO version shares the same manual.

Q2:  How about the performance of Radio range with Splash Drone’s customized radio controller?
A: Practical test indicates the Max controllable range is up to 1.0KM, the effective distance of signal transmission is depending on actual flight environment.

Q3:  Is there any way to fly back when Splash Drone is out of visible area?
A: Yes, the One-key Return-To-Home function is available to bring your Splash Drone back to the take-off location automatically. (Make sure there is no obstacles during returning, please regain control on the drone once coming into visible sight.)

Q4:  Is it truly full waterproof Drone with the naked motors?
A: All the motors are specially treated with watertight structure design, particularly for its wiring enrollment and perfect waterproof shell. Whatever, how amazing when
flying your Splash Drone on the sea to photograph the whale & dolphins! After enjoying sailing in salty water, please DO remember to wash Splash Motors with freshwater to avoid corrosion/damages by the salt.

Q5: If sand goes into the motors, what should I do?
A: Stop flying the drone; try to turn the motor slowly to see if it turns smooth as usual. Put the motor under water and try to shake the sand off from the motors. You can also use brush to clean the sand.

Q6: What is the flight time?
A: 20mins with empty loading and fully charged 5200mAh Battery; 15mins with full set including the camera and gimbal.

Q7:  Is the Right Throttle mode available for Splash Drone?
A: Usually the radio controller is defaulted as Left Throttle when ex-factory, the Right Throttle is also available by change the parameter setting of radio controller:
1. Switch on Radio controller, Long press ‘Mode’ button for 2~3s to enter into [BASIC MENU] interface.
2. Choose the ‘PARAMETER’ item by shortly pressing the center location of right switch, then enter into [PARAMETER] interface.
3. Choose the ‘STK-MODE’ item by rotating the round edge of right switch.
4. Shortly press the center location of right switch to revise the mode from by rotating its round edge.
5. Confirm the mode ‘1’ by Shortly press the center location once again, then press ‘End’ to finish setting. Splash Drone is here to satisfy your different operation habits.

Q8:  Does the Splash Drone support Follow-me function?
A: Splash Drone AUTO version supports the Follow-me mode, it can be realized by the smart ground station.

Q9: Can I get live data of flight?
A: Yes. You can read OSD data on the radio controller screen by pressing the Mode switch

Q10:  Is it normal when pulling throttle down to the lowest position, but the motors don’t stop immediately after landing off?
A: Taking the unexpected damages into consideration, the motor will stop and lock automatically in 5s after landing off. This protective method Not only decreases the spoilage possibility on the motor, but also ensure a evenly landing off to avoid other in-necessity damages to shell, Propellers, landing gear, etc.

Q11:  Is it possible to switch WIFI while aerial photography with Splash Drone?
A: No, it’s advised to keep the WIFI off to avoid signal interference.

Q12:  What’s happening when push Throttle joystick but without any response?
A: In case of extra danger occurs before flight, the radio controller need to be unlocked manually
to have control access, then motors can be activated by pushing up throttle.

Q13:  Any counteractions to deal with failure in taking-off & tilting troubles?
A: 1. Improper installation with Propeller, please check whether the rotating direction of Propeller is in accordance with motors.
2. Dis-assemble drone to check the wire connection of ESC if necessary.
3. Dis-assemble drone to check the direction of Flight controller if necessary.

Q14:  What’s the cause of drifting during normal flight?
A: Compass variance exceeds the limitation, Please do the compass calibration.

Q15:  Why is the drone out of control suddenly during normal flight?
A:Probably the compass is magnetized or it’s not calibrated, please switch SWC to ATTI mode to take over flight manually. After landing, calibrate the compass. If keeps failure,lock the motors immediately by pulling the joystick in this way, The drone will drop to ground vertically, so please take care.

Q16:  Will the One-key Return-To-Home be effective When drone is out of control beyond of expectation?
No, because the GPS signal has been interfered, the One-key Return-To-Home works basing on good GPS signal. When encounter such issue, please switch SWC to ATTI mode to take over flight manually.

Q17: What need to be done if the drone is dropping height suddenly and flashing red?
A: The low-battery warning is activated, please descend and land off drone properly and quickly to have another battery replacement.

Q18: What to do if the drone is nearly run out of power?
A: There are two level of low-battery warning on the drone. In the first level, the 4 LED lights under the arms will start slow blinking, when the second low-battery warning is activated, the drone LEDs will become fast blinking, and the controller will shake slightly and start warning noise. There is around 1-2 minutes for you to bring back the drone. If you don’t land it, the drone will start landing slowly automatically.

Q19: How long is the charging time for battery?
A: Around 1 hour.

Q20:  What’s the root cause of poor satellite under GPS mode?
A: 1. Please make sure there is no shelter from buildings & Metal objects, choosing flight in the open air is critical to ensure the good GPS signal, 2. Please check whether there is anything shelters the GPS antenna.

Q21:  Is the alarming from radio controller indicate functional abnormality?
A: No, this phenomenon indicates low-battery of Radio controller, just replace it.

Q22:  What’s the specified channel assigned for the waterproof Pay-load releaser?
A: The reserved channel for pay-load releasing mechanism is SWA/SWD in the radio controller,
the channel is CH7/CH8 in Receiver. flip SWA/SWD to carry & release lifesaver, swim ring, mini
radio appliances to support emergency or even a bottle of water.

Q23:  How to adjust the Waterproof Gimbal when it’s not in horizontal location?
A: Need to calibrate the Gimbal, detailed procedure please refer to .

Q24:  How to handle when the drone failed to have the solid Red indicator to enter into the Accelerometer / Compass calibration?
A: The motion of joysticks is not linear with program in the radio controller, please try to calibrate the Radio controller by referring to 4.3.2

Q25:  How to deal with heavy vibration in FPV video?
1.Please try to Calibrate the Gimbal once again, refer to .
2.Adjust the parameter setting of video recording to 60fps.

Q26: How do I know if my splash drone is able to control the ZERO camera?
A: Confirm two charasteristics:
1.There is silk print on the mode switches on the remote controller;
2.Gimbal video cable from the dive box has 4lines.

Q27: How to bind the new R9D receiver with the Radio controller?
A: 1. Switch on the remote controller, check if there is a signal-umbrella that indicates the signal strength in the top middle part of the screen;
2. Power on the drone and take out the R9D receiver. There are a blue light and a red light blinking intervally. Red light is the power indicator, blue light means the receiver under the S-BUS mode,the splash drone works under SBUS mode.
3. Prepare a small tool with a sharp head. Long-press the switch beside the light, when the blue lights start flashing, means it enter into binding process, when the flash stop, it means binding is complete.
4. Once the signal-umbrella shows up again, then you've got the successful binding.