SwellPro’s Response to FAA Remote ID Rule

Date: November 17, 2022.

For the past year, the FAA has been pushing the new rule that requires drones in flight to provide identification and location information that can be received by others. Remote ID helps the FAA find the control station when a drone appears to be flying in an unsafe manner or where it is not allowed to fly. Pilots in the USA must meet the requirements before September 16, 2023.

SwellPro has been working very hard to make our drones compliant with the FAA’s new rule. Our current solution is to attach an external broadcast module to the drone.

The broadcast module is estimated to be ready in the first quarter of 2023. When the modules are ready, they can be provided to USA customers who buy our drones after November 17, 2022, completely for free. You can rest assured that the SwellPro drones you purchase now won’t be restricted by the FAA in the future.

You can learn more about FAA remote ID here .


  1. Why SwellPro cannot make previous drones broadcast remote ID through firmware upgrade?
    SwellPro respects customers’ privacy more than any competitor, so in the past we didn’t build any modules into the drones that can broadcast pilot’s information.
  2. What takes it so long for SwellPro to make their drones compliant with FAA remote ID?
    Until now, the FAA still hasn't released any information about how they can receive signals from a drone. This is the reason that slows down our work.

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