Drone Fishing Master Award

Drone Fishing Master Award

What is Drone Fishing 
Master Award?

When you fly baits over the surf with SwellPro, you are raising the bar of fishing. We created an award to recognize those who share their once-in-a-lifetime catch and show people a smarter, more successful, and fun way of fishing. 
No deadline! No limited quantity! The award is always-on.

How it works


Take a photo or video of the fish you catch with SwellPro fishing drone.


Post them on either Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or TikTok.


Tell people which drone of SwellPro you used. Add hashtags #SwellPro.


Be featured on SwellPro social media and Master Hall of Fame. Get rewarded with gift cards.

Master Photo 


Store Gift Card

Master Video 


Store Gift Card

Master Hall of Fame

Meet our recognized drone fishing masters and their epic catches using SwellPro fishing drones.

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