Waterproof Barometric Membrane for Fisherman FD3/FD1+ Drone

Waterproof Barometric Membrane for Fisherman FD3/FD1+ Drone

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Overview: The waterproof barometric membrane is SwellPro's featured technology. It allows air to pass through the internal chamber of the aircraft to ensure the barometer's proper functioning yet keeps the water from getting in to ensure the Fisherman FD3 and FD1+ all waterproof design. 


Always check the waterproof barometric membrane to ensure no damage being observed before flying.
• Rinse the waterproof barometric membrane thoroughly with freshwater every time after flying.
• If you constantly fly your drone in the saltwater environment (sea), it is recommended to change the waterproof barometric membrane once every 2 months, since the salt particles can clog the tiny holes on the membrane.

In the Box: Waterproof Barometric Membrane x 1 set ( 5pcs)

Compatibility: Fisherman FD3, Fisherman FD1+

Customer Reviews

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Stephen Hardy
Barometric membrane

Great that you get five but where is the outer sticky ring to seal them.

Chris Feltrin
Direct fit replacement !

I ordered a Swell Pro FD3 advanced, along with a pack of FD3 waterproof barometric membrane. They Are a direct fit replacement for the barometric membrane that is under the cover of the top of the drone.

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