SwellPro 110CM Drone Landing Pad
SwellPro 110CM Drone Landing Pad
SwellPro 110CM Drone Landing Pad
SwellPro 110CM Drone Landing Pad
SwellPro 110CM Drone Landing Pad

SwellPro 110CM Drone Landing Pad

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SwellPro’s landing pad provides a safe platform for drones of all sizes from takeoff to landing. The pad prevents sand, dust or grass from entering drones’ camera gimbal and motors. With durable material and steadfast design, it’s built to last in a humidity and windy environment, and maintain good condition over a long period of time.

Key Features: 

Time-tested Durability
Made from silicone leather material, SwellPro landing pad is excellent at withstanding the weight and impact of drones during landing and takeoff. The composite material can withstand uses over a few years without experiencing signs of wear or tear.

Bigger is Better
The 110cm size is designed to accommodate drones of various sizes and styles from small consumer quadcopter to large professional multirotors. It provides ample room for pilots of all levels to land their drones safely to the pad.

Steadfast Design
The hexagonal design offers better stability than circular or square shape in a windy condition. 6 ground stakes can keep the pad in place, making double guarantee no matter how strong the wind gusts are.

Unbelievable Portable
SwellPro landing pad can be folded to the size of a laptop and fit into a handbag, making it super easy to carry and store. The silicone leather is very flexible and can maintain its shape in a foldable design. 

Easy Maintenance
SwellPro landing pad is 100% waterproof and dust-proof. You can rinse or wipe to easily clean the debris on the pad.


Material: silicone leather
Unfolded Size: 110cm (43.3 in.) x 100cm (39.4 in.)
Folded Size: 38.5cm (15 in.) x 36cm (14 in.)
Weight: 1.3kg (2.8 lbs)
Color: Black
Compatible with drones diameter (rotor-to-rotor) less than 400mm (15 in.)

In the box:

1 x Landing pad 
6 X Ground stakes
1 X Handbag

Customer Reviews

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Jarod Campbell
Swell pro landing pad

Landing pad seems durable, cleans up easily and storage bag is of good quality, I would add a handle for easy transportation.

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