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In 2015, SwellPro designed the world's first waterproof fishing drone with bait release, and was introduced to Australia in the same year. We didn't only created a new fishing gear, but led a new way of fishing - fishermen who are based on the land can fly heavy bait far out into the ocean and pull in big-game fish.

Today, SwellPro is still the favorite among Aussie Fishermen because we never cease to improve the experiences of drone fishing. We set the highest standard of drone waterproofing and wind resistance. Our bait capacity goes up from 1 kg all the way to 3.5 kg. And better cameras for better bait accuracy. 

Best Waterproof Fishing Drones

SplashDrone 4

SplashDrone 4 is SwellPro's most feature-rich and versatile waterproof drone for surf fishing. It can carry 2 kg / 4 lbs baits with the maximum flight distance of up to 5 km / 3 miles. The premium fishing drone comes with several options of fish finding cameras, sonar fish finder, pre-bait release and many intelligent APP-enabled features.

From $1,868

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Fisherman Max

The Fishermen Max is the most powerful fishing drone with bait release that can carry 3.5 kg / 7.7 lbs. Land-based anglers can target a wider options of big-game species thanks to the high bait capacity, foldable design, 4K camera, and an inbuilt multi-color display.

From $2,199

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Fisherman FD1

The Fisherman FD1 fishing drone inherits the technology of the famous SplashDrone 3+. FD1 offers the same bait lifting capacity and flight performance of SplashDrone 4, but at a shorter flight range. Many fishermen choose FD1 because it is more budget-friendly and simplified for bait dropping only.

From $1,147

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Why Aussie Fishermen love SwellPro for fishing?

"We used to have to paddle the baits out which was time consuming and dangerous, also you are limited by the ocean swell, that’s a thing of the past now with the SwellPro SplashDrone 4 all weather and ocean conditions are fishable and I don’t even have to leave my daughters side on the beach or get wet, and don’t have to risk flipping the kayak and putting a shark hook in myself."

- Josh Neille

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