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Why Fishermen love SwellPro drones for fishing?



Gulf coast 

"We had a kayak but when kayak fishing it takes much longer to run baits out, you get tired, the water can be cold during the winter, and the ocean can be dangerous. The drone is very fast, gets the job done with more accurate drops exactly where we want them and it tells us the meter/yard distance for our bait drops."




"We used to have to paddle the baits out which was time consuming and dangerous, also you are limited bye the ocean swell, that’s a thing of the past now with the drone all weather and ocean conditions are fishable and I don’t even have to leave my daughters side on the beach or get wet, and don’t have to risk flipping the kayak and putting a shark hook in myself."




"I had a inflatable with 6 hp engine before to do my bait runs, but it was very time-consuming to set up and after fishing cleaning the earthing. So I had a set up time from around 1 hour before and after fishing. Drone fishing reduced this for me to 5 min, as well I be able to drop baits in around 20 knots wind, what was not possible before as too dangerous."

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SplashDrone 4 Fishing Edition

Premium Fishing Drone with 
4K Camera & bait release

  • 2 KG (4lbs) bait lifting capacity
  • IP67 Seawater-proof aircraft
  • IP67 Seawater-proof remote controller
  • 4K Camera
  • Level-7 Wind Resistance
  • 5 KM (3 miles) casting range 
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Fisherman FD1

Budget Fishing Drone for
Bait Dropping only

  • 2 KG (4lbs) bait lifting capacity
  • 100% Seawater-proof
  • 2000 TVL Camera
  • Level-7 Wind Resistance
  • 1.6 KM (1 miles) casting range 
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