SwellPro - the Pioneer of Waterproof Drones

Water is the NO.1 killer to electronics. Every year, many people are flying drones over the water and end up their drones crashing into the water. This was where the big idea of SwellPro's waterproof drones come from. 

Since 2013, SwellPro has been in-house designing and producing the world's only waterproof drones with waterproof gimbaled cameras for filming all kinds of activities above the water and in unusual weathers. The waterproof drone has evolved through 4 generations to what we see today the SplashDrone 4.


The Future of Fishing

SwellPro waterproof drones are not only designed for aerial filming, they created a new style of saltwater fishing. After a New Zealand fisherman dropped the first bait over the surf using the 1st-generation SplashDrone in 2015, drone fishing went viral along the coastlines in many countries. No fisherman can resist the temptation to cast their fishing line further and hook up bigger specie or more fish on a cast. This is enabled by SwellPro waterproof fishing drone with integrated bait release. 


Embrace the Impossible

Taking advantage of durable design and integration with multiple functional payloads, SwellPro's drones can do many things that our competitors are not capable of. Search and rescue people in need. Monitor the health of marine animals or the quality of water. Inspect the security of cargo ships and marinas. Whether it's above the water, rain, snow or sand. The SwellPro team is set to make the impossible possible and open up new possibilities in human's various challenging adventures.

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