The Pioneer of Waterproof & Rugged Drones

Water is the NO.1 killer to electronics. Every year, hundreds of thousands of drones crash on the water when flying over the water, resulting in serious damage and loss of money. When it rains or snows, a drone can do nothing but sitting in a box. In 2013, the founder of SwellPro, Mr. Eric, has already realized the fragility of consumer drones and therefore created the worlds' first waterproof & rugged drones for those who aim to accomplish flight missions in unusual environments.

Make the Impossible Possible with SwellPro

Taking advantage of durability design and integration with multiple functional payloads, SwellPro's drones can do many things beyond people's imagination. After a New Zealand fisherman drop baits in deep sea using the release mechanism on the 1st generation SplashDrone in 2015, a new fishing method went viral along the coastlines in many countries. Drone fishing is just one great example. Both our users and engineers at SwellPro are constantly working together to create new possibilities and stories on the all-terrain waterproof flight platform. 

Benefits of Buying at SwellPro Official Store

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  3. Free door-to-door shipping to most countries for order over $900.
  4. Full customer service from product instruction to repair and replacement. Warranty are guaranteed by the manufacturer.