SwellPro Has Updated the Sports Action Drone - the Spry+

SwellPro Has Updated the Sports Action Drone - the Spry+

November 8, 2019 

SwellPro has now updated and improved the SPRY sports action drone.

The new model called the Spry+ has a reinforced body and a new user-replaceable GPS module. The new GPS module is more accurate, faster and stronger - improving responsiveness by 50%.


The battery door has also been reinforced and the altitude control system has been redesigned to include a protected air-breather design as well as an improved heat management system.


The Spry+ Flight Control firmware has been enhanced to match the new hardware improvements - providing smoother, more stable flight control. Even the camera has had a firmware update to improve the quality of your photos and videos.

The Spry+ is fun, waterproof and robust. Take it on your next on-water adventure to capture exciting, action-packed shots from a new perspective – without the worries normally associated with flying drones near water.


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