Splash Drone Accessories

Splash Drone Accessories

Splash Drone Accessories

  1. Payload Release with Stablization Gimbal and 4K Camera - PL3
    USD $329.00

    PL3 Waterproof Payload Release System, incorporating an one-axis gimbal, with a 4K camera, for SplashDrone 3+. With 0-90degree controllable tilt angle. Help recording the whole air-drop process in stable video.

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  2. PL2 Waterproof Payload Release Mechanism With HD FPV camera.
    USD $149.00

    PL2 Waterproof Payload Release Mechanism With HD FPV camera is a patent design accessory for SplashDrone 3+.

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  3. Waterproof 3 Axis Gimbal 4K Camera For SplashDrone 3
    USD $699.00

    A completely new waterproof 3 axis gimbal 4k camera that is one of the core module for SplashDrone 3+. It help SplashDrone 3+ to capture ultra smooth video and high resolution picture, whether in the air, rain & underwater.

    Note : The waterproof 4K Camera 3 Axis Gimbal Module is only for desgined for SplashDrone 3 series.


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  4. 1242 Quick Release Carbon Fiber Propeller - SPLASH DRONE 3/3+
    USD $35.00

    12'' #1242 Quick Release Carbon-Fiber Propeller for Splash Drone 3, sold in one pair

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  5. BALANCE CHARGER FOR SPLASHDRONE 3+ new High-Voltage battery (4S-LiHV)
    USD $49.00

     The new 4S High-Voltage battery charger is specially designed for SplashDrone 3+ new High-Voltage battery (4S-LiHV) and the 2S remote battery.




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  6. S3 FPV Goggles
    USD $199.00

    The most neat first-person-view video goggles with high sensitivity and high resolution display for all Swellpro drones

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  7. SWELLPRO DronePower 45K
    USD $499.00

    DronePower 45K is the largest power bank that is specially designed to charge drone batteries on the move.

    Note: Charging cable for DJI drones should be purchased separately.

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  8. The Brand New 4S High-Voltage battery for SplashDrone 3/3+
    USD $129.00

    The new 4S High-Voltage battery is specially designed for SplashDrone 3/3+, which can dramatically increase the flight time of the drone. 

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  9. SplashDrone 3/3+ Smooth + FPV radio remote controller
    USD $299.00

    Redesigned Remote Controller With 5" FPV Screen for SplashDrone 3+ and SplashDrone 3 series 

    The remote controller doesn't come with radio battery , only come with receiver .

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  10. Quick-release landing gear for Splash Drone
    USD $15.00

    Quick – release landing gear × 1

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